Beauty: Beyond Binary

Beauty: Beyond Binary

Client: BC & Yukon Studio of The National Film Board of Canada

Dir. Christina Willings
Arri Amira / Arri Mini / Red Dragon / 30 min. / 2017

Beauty (Beyond Binary) explores the inner world of five children whose expression of gender doesn’t align with traditional notions of ‘male’ and ‘female’. These are gender creative kids for whom self‐invention is a daily act of authenticity, expressed with alternately joyful, impatient, and anxious disregard for conventional expectations. 

c. 2017

"Amy is quite brilliant,” says Willings. “We’re using metaphoric and poetic visuals to explore and dissect ideas of gender and beauty, and Amy moves easily between fiction and documentary. I love the work of Wes Anderson, how he plays with artifice and style, and we’re employing some of those strategies here – using stylized camerawork and art-directed set-ups as well as verité footage."
- NFB Blog, Christina Willings (2016-07-12)