Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner

Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner

Dir. Jamie Travis
S16mm / 16:30 / 2003

Three seven year-olds endure the culinary abuses of their mother. When Mother's aversion to brown eggs reaches new heights, young Chester, Eliza, and Godfrey take a stand.

c. Modern Family Productions

Festival History: 

Toronto International Film Festival 2003
Montreal World Film Festival 2003
Atlantic Film Festival 2003 (Halifax)
Cinefest Sudbury 2003
Calgary International Film Festival 2003
Vancouver International Film Festival 2003
Northwest Film and Video Festival 2003 (Portland)
Best of the Northwest Touring Programme: Anchorage, Seattle, Vashon,
Spokane, Missoula, Juneau
Prends ca court Film Series 2003 (Montreal)
Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival 2004
Slamdance Film Festival 2004 (Park City)
Biarritz Audiovisual Festival (Fipatel) 2004
San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2004
Florida Film Festival 2004
Rendez-vous du cinema quebecois 2004 (Montreal)
East Lansing Film Festival 2004
South by Southwest Film Festival 2004 (Austin)
Cleveland International Film Festival 2004
Moving Pictures Travelling Film Festival 2004: Edmonton
Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee 2004
Utah Arts Festival 2004
Jacksonville Film Festival 2004
Slamdance LA 2004
Slamdance New York 2004
Sherbrooke Film Festival 2004 (QC)
Antelope Valley Independent Film Festival 2004 (CA)
Commonwealth Film Festival 2004 (Manchester, UK)
Atlanta Film Festival 2004
BC Student Film Festival 2004
Summer Shorts Screening, Women in Film 2004 (Vancouver)
First Take International Student Film Festival 2004 (Toronto)
Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival 2004 (Birmingham, Alabama)
A World of Shorts, August 2004 (Toronto)
Leeds International Film Festival 2004
Milwaukee International Film Festival 2004
BendFilm Festival 2004 (Bend, Oregon)
Congres Boreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, October 2004
IFP LA Cinema Lounge, November 2004 (Santa Monica)
Campbell River Film Festival 2004 (BC)
Interfilm Short Film Festival Berlin 2004
Short Cuts Cologne Short Film Festival 2004
International Festival of Cinema and Technology 2005: Los Angeles,
Orlando, London, Sydney
Annapolis Reel Cinema Festival 2005

"It's like The Royal Tenenbaums meets The Addams Family, and it's one of the best short films I've ever seen. A set of triplets, a food-obsessive mother hooked to an IV, and a suite of cats move surreally and beautifully through this entrancing film." PORTLAND MERCURY
Chas Bowie (November 6, 2003)

"This is the kind of film Tim Burton wishes he could make. Kind of touching, kind of morbid and totally original."
- FILM THREAT, Doug Brunell (March 18, 2004)

"Three seven year- olds endure the culinary abuses of their mother in this gloriously surreal movie from Canada, about a family for whom the word 'dysfunctional' was invented. Imagine David Lynch attempting to make a children's TV series and you'll be halfway to understanding this movie."

"Next comes Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner, by far the most bizarre, carefully characterized, and sumptuously visualized film of the bunch. It's sort of like The Royal Tenenbaums crossed with The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover. A one-sentence plot summary might read: "Three whimsical young siblings escape from mother's culinary abuses by fleeing into their fantasies." The longest of the films included in the best-of revue, Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner is as beautiful as it is laugh-out-loud funny."
- THE MISSOULIAN (Missoula, Montana), Joe Nickell (November 13, 2004)


Best Student Film, Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival 2004, BC
Best Canadian Film, Prends ca court! Film Series 2004, Montreal, QC
Best Script, Jamie Travis, 2004 Golden Sheaf Awards, Yorkton, SK
Best Production Design in a Short Drama, Jamie Travis, 2004 Leo Awards, Vancouver, BC
Best of the Fest, 2004 Antelope Valley Independent Film Festival, CA
Best Short Film (Long Form), 2004 BC Student Film Festival
Best Student Short Film, 2004 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Birmingham, AL
Special Jury Prize, 2004 BendFilm Festival, Bend, OR

2004 Golden Sheaf nominations:

Production Design -- Short Drama (Won)
Editing -- Short Drama
Cinematography -- Short Drama
Sound Editing -- Short Drama

2004 Leo Award nominations:

Best Short Drama
Best Direction -- Short Drama
Best Script -- Short Drama
Best Production Design -- Short Drama (Won)
Best Editing -- Short Drama
Best Cinematography -- Short Drama
Best Sound Editing -- Short Drama