Billy Crystal Fills the Silence

Billy Crystal Fills the Silence

Client: The Current - Knock Knock (Denmark)

Dir. Brianne Nord-Stewart
Red Epic / 1 min. / 2014

A visitor reflects on the minutiae of tourism vs war tourism.

This film is the result of being asked by Danish film collective, The Current, to direct a "no-budget" film about an "un-illuminated news item".

c. 2014

Festival History: 

2014 Filminute Top 25 Shortlist, Online
2014 Backyard Film Festival, Vancouver, BC
2014 Vashon International 60 Second Film Festival, Vashon, Washington

"A few years ago I travelled alone to Croatia, Europe's new tourist destination. The remnants of a war gone by seemed barely visible, unless you look, or ask. In Bosnia, I hiked alongside 8,000 people for four days in 40+ degree heat in remembrance of the Srebrenica massacre, I got yelled at by infuriated Muslims for not covering my legs and arms near the cemetery, only to realize much later why — and feel the shame of touristic arrogance. I watched 614 bodies in anorexic coffins be put into the earth in one hour. Bodies that for 16 years had been unidentified after being uncovered in mass graves. I could only describe the country as "insane". And yet it left me feeling like I was the crazy one, that in fact moving from talk of genocide to laughing at an American movie, and back again is the norm."
Brianne Nord-Stewart