Hip Hop Mom

Hip Hop Mom

Dir. Mina Shum
Genesis / 4:02 / 2011

When two alpha supermoms dispute over a parking spot, they quickly reveal their secret identities and it’s a hip hop mom dance battle royal! An irreverent ode to moms everywhere.

c. Mina Shum

Festival History: 

REEL Canada Shorts Programme 2012-2013, Toronto, Canada
Leading Moms 2012, Vancouver, Canada
Jecheon International Music & Film Festival 2012, Jecheon City, Korea
City of Calgary Canada Day Festivities 2012, Calgary, Canada
NXNE Film & Music Festival 2011, Toronto, Canada
Edmonton International Film Festival 2011, Edmonton, Canada
Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2011’s Love Letters to Vancouver, Canada

"Shum’s work presents an optimistic positive approach to the hip hop genre and the cinematic qualities are astounding. It's MGM, West Side Story and a twisted celebration of motherhood. There's more kick ass filmmaking in these four minutes than in most feature films." NXNE 2011 Film Programmer
Ambrose Roche