Jess goes on the greatest first date of her life, but inadvertently "ghosts" Ben when she dies in a car accident on the way home. With the help of her best friend Kara, they embark on a hilarious, bittersweet and final adventure so that Jess can ascend to the afterlife.

Theresa Bennett
Arri Mini with Arri Master Anamorphics & Super Baltars
87 min.

Winner of Best Cinematography in a Television Movie at the Leo Awards 2020


"The wildest, most delightful holiday movie you'll watch this year... I was riveted."
- Glamour, Christopher Ross (December 5, 2019)

Ghosting "has all the key ingredients for made-for-TV Christmas movie magic: absurdity, romance, friendship, drama, and just the right amount of cheesiness... absolutely out-of-this-world ridiculous in some ways but endearing AF as a whole."
- Cosmopolitan, Jamie Primeau (December 26, 2019)

"Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas is among the best holiday films ever made for Freeform and its previous iterations, Fox Family and ABC Family... I was hooked from the start and love the way the story unfolds."
- Laughing Place, Alex Reif (December 3, 2019)