You Can't Say No

Just days from signing divorce papers, Hank and Alexandra give their relationship one final shot by playing a game with only one rule: no matter what they ask each other to do, they can't say no.

Paul Kramer
Arri Alexa XT Studio / Arri Mini with Cooke Anamorphics
91 minutes
Official Selection - Highlights

Cinequest Film Festival 2018 (Gala Film), San Jose, CA, USA

Festival History

Gasparilla International Film Festival 2018, Tampa Bay, FL, USA
Sonoma International Film Festival 2018, Sonoma, CA, USA
El Paso Film Festival 2018, El Paso, TX, USASacramento Film & Music Festival 2018, Sacramento, CA, USA
Chelsea Film Festival 2018, Chelsea, NYC, USA
Nottingham International Film Festival 2018, London, England


Director Award at El Paso Film Festival 2018


"Cinematography so lush and beautiful you can almost feel the the warm California sun and taste the wine."
- Film Threat, Bradley Gibson (March 4, 2018)

- Starring Marguerite Moreau, Peter Fonda, Hus Miller, Hamish Linklater and Julie Carmen. , ()